Sakshi Parswami

“ I have been learning yoga from Amisha at Namaste Yoga since the past 4 years now.
Initially I thought yoga will be boring and it is meant for only older people who can’t do vigorous exercises but i was certainly proven wrong. I joined Yoga only to accompany my mom and ended up loving it myself.
Namaste Yoga is a wholesome package with a blend of stretches, yoga asanas, meditation, breathing exercises and yoga with variations such as dumbbells, ball exercises, resistant band, wall exercises and more.
Amisha gives personal attention to all her yoginis and guides us in case we have any health ailment.
Post marriage when i moved to Africa, I was bumped about not having to attend her yoga classes but thankfully her online yoga classes have been a blessing in disguise.
Continuing Yoga during this lockdown phase has not only made me more active but calm as well. The meditations and breathing exercises that Amisha does at the end of every programme gives me a very optimistic approach to life and paying gratitude to everything.
I’m thankful to Amisha for always thriving her best and would highly recommend all age groups.

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